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Windang Bridge, NSW

MicroNex recently completed an upgrade to the existing impressed current cathodic protection control system at Windang Bridge, NSW.

As part of the upgrade, a 14-zone MicroNex system was installed within the existing enclosure.

This new system offers significant improvements compared to the previous setup. Unlike the old ICCP control system, which relied on a central computer without manual control capabilities, the upgraded MicroNex system allows for individual monitoring and control of each zone directly from the MicroNex Power Control Unit (PCU). This enhancement greatly enhances reliability and simplifies monitoring and maintenance of the system. Furthermore, the system now includes comprehensive web-based remote monitoring and control features, in addition to its full manual control capability.

To ensure accurate measurement and verification of each of the 52 subcircuit zones, the system has been equipped with current measurement shunts. These shunts enable precise and reliable measurements for effective monitoring and maintenance purposes.

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