MicroNEx Power Controlers

Custom built intelligent Power Controllers designed for impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) or hybrid anode energisation.

Compact modular din rail design allowing for quick and easy installation.

Full manual control from units front panel.

Pluggable screw terminal block connector.

DC power input allowing for flexible installation methods, from AC-DC transformers to battery DC input.

RS485 Modbus communication built in.

MicroNex PCUs through Modbus RS485 communication can:
  • Read Voltage and Current Setting
  • Read Voltage and Current Output
  • Set Current and Voltage
  • Switch PCU ON and OFF
  • Read Input voltage
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PCU Terminals
1 -        DC IN            V+
2 -        DC IN            V -
3 -        RS485            A
4 -        RS485            B
5 -        RS485            GND
6 -        DC OUT        V -
7 -        DC OUT        V+ 
Blue Surface

Model                          PCU5                PCU20

Output Current                                        0 - 5 Amps                            0 - 20 Amps
(Current output based on configuration) 

Output Voltage                                        0 - 50 Volts                           0 - 50 Volts   

(0 - 12V standard for concrete ICCP)                  

Output Current Resolution                    1 mA                                      10 mA

Output Voltage Resolution                    1 mV                                      10mV

  • DC input power controller

  • Output current accuracy: ±0.5% + 5 digits 

  • Output voltage accuracy: ±0.5% + 3 digits

  • Full control from front panel interface

  • 1.44 inch HD 160° wide angle front panel colour LCD

  • Constant current/constant voltage

  • Current and voltage limiter

  • Low ripple output

  • Custom 3D printed enclosures

  • 35mm DIN mount rail enclosure design

  • Screw terminal plug connector for easy installation

  • RS485 Modbus communication

  • Cloud remote logging / control solutions available

MicroNex systems are assembled in Australia. 

We provide full MicroNex system packages fully installed into electrical cabinets, cargo boxes or any other client requests ready for site installation/application.
Have a look at our installations.

Our team has extensive experience in the field of cathodic protection of concrete and steel structures.

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