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Solar CP

MicroNex offers custom-designed solutions for solar-powered impressed current cathodic protection control systems. The adoption of Solar CP technology eliminates the need for permanent AC power where AC power is not available.

The concept of using solar power for impressed current cathodic protection systems is not entirely new, however, recent advancements in technology have led to improvements in the application of Solar CP technology.

MicroNex Solar CP is capable of delivering the required cathodic protection current suitable for remote small and medium-sized ICCP installations. Further, Solar CP control units can deliver full remote monitoring and control functionality.

Solar CP can also be used where temporary power is required for hybrid anode systems during the initial current injection phase where AC power supply is unavailable.

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Portable MicroNex Solar CP used for hybride anode system current injection phase

MicroNex Solar CP ICCP System

MicroNex ICCP Solar CP System with full remote moniotring and control.

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