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About Us

MicroNex was founded by the research & development division of Remedial Technology. After years of monitoring ICCP systems from a variety of different manufacturers, Remedial Technology identified major shortcomings with the existing available systems, particularly with the proprietary nature of the systems, upgradability of systems, and unnecessarily complex designs. It was often found that existing systems were susceptible to a single point of failure, leading to full system breakdowns.


MicroNex is the world’s first cathodic protection manufacturer focusing on building the most reliable, open, modular, and upgradable impressed current cathodic protection systems. 

Unlike other cathodic protection system manufacturers, MicroNex does not focus on developing every component in-house. Rather we utilise the technology developed by the world’s leading manufacturers of each field.


This approach allows MicroNex to:

Always use the most, reliable mass-produced industrial hardware. We work with leading industrial manufacturers to design customised hardware for use with cathodic protection.


We use 3D printing to stay flexible and up to date, allowing us to always improve our designs. Although we believe we have the best cathodic protection systems available in the world, our product development never stops.


We focus on system compatibility testing, useability, and upgradability.


Use lightweight, open-source software with free lifetime software upgrades. Functionality will grow with developments in technology for decades to come - the only system which provides absolute software flexibility.

Create a modular designed system, where components all operate on a non-propriety Modbus protocol. We provide the Modbus configuration data for each component, giving the client the ultimate control over their systems.

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