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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Control Systems

MicroNex is a leading manufacturer of cathodic protection control systems (transformer rectifier units, TRUs) for impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) applications.

Data Sheet

Non-Proprietary Components

MicroNex systems offers the first global industrial non-proprietary components for cathodic protection control systems.

Smart Designs

Simple to operate, compact, highly efficient, low heat modular designed DIN rail components.

Intelligent Systems

All systems operate in full manual mode with optional software free web remote monitoring and control configurations.

Full-Service Support 

Optional full commissioning, monitoring and maintenance services. Our team can assist remotely or onsite all around Australia.

Australian Manufactured

Quick turnaround times. Systems are designed and assembled in Australia incorporating the latest technology from around the world. 

Australian Standard AS 2832.5—2008 (R2018)

Technical Report No. 73 Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete

TfNSW technical standards for ICCP control systems

Compliant with:

Powered by: 


Grid Power


Battery Power


Permanent Installation

Permanent single zone or multi-zone cathodic protection systems.

Portable Systems

Portable power supply systems for the delivery of temporary current.

Built with:

MicroNex Power Control Unit

DC power controllers with manual control and integrated RS485 Modbus 

Relay Timer

A simple timer for easy and

quick current interrupting

Hastings Bridge
Manual System
All MicroNex Systems come with full manual output monitoring and control functionality. Each MicroNex power supply is fully self contained and each unit is controlled via its own front panel display. Manual operation of the unit is not reliant on any external components.
MicroNex PCU

MicroNex Remote Monitoring

MicroNex systems come with a range of monitoring options 
Option 1
Voltage and Current Logging
Manual system with the addition of a cloud based dashboard for remote logging of voltage and current. Simple 24/7 website access. 

Live Monitoring

Cathodic Protection (CP) Remote Monitoring System
Cloud Dashboard 
Option 2
Full Remote Control System
Manual system with full remote control capability. Cloud based dashboard for remote logging of voltage and current plus a system link for testing and adjustment.

Live Monitoring and Control

Remote monitoring and control interface
Monitoring Solutions
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