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Cathodic Protection
Remote Monitoring Solutions

Developments in technology have made the utilisation of remote monitoring a highly cost-effective method in reducing operating costs and improving safety for impressed current cathodic protection system monitoring and maintenance.

Remote monitoring provides peace of mind that systems are operational, and protection is being delivered to your assets. Remote monitoring systems can send alerts for power interruptions, monitor current and voltage outputs, log cabinet temperature and humidity and assist in remotely identifying faults, minimising costly site visits and time spent on site.

Using the latest technology MicroNex provides customised remote monitoring solutions for existing and new impressed current cathodic protection systems. Providing full-service data acquisition using the latest non-proprietary technology. Data is stored and displayed on the cloud for remote access via a simple-to-use website dashboard.


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Cathodic Protection Control System
Cloud Dashboard
View logged data,
Set alarms.
Remote Device
Website access to cloud dashboard with any PC, Tablet or Phone
Monitoring System:

Installed in the existing TRU cabinet

Latest industrial 4G remote telecommunication

Operates on the Telstra M2M network

Advanced analog to digital monitoring hardware

No proprietary hardware

Expandable and flexible system built using RS485 


Peace of mind that assets are being protected

Cost effective systems with minimal maintenance costs

Easy 24/7 cloud-based website dashboard

Monitoring and logging of current, voltage, temperature and humidity

Onsite installation and full maintenance service options available within Australia

Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring

MicroNex website dashboard accessible 24/7, displaying live structure data

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