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MicroNEx Go

Data Sheet

MicroNex Go is a portable high precision variable handheld DC power supply unit with:

  • 0-5A / 0-15V Output

  • 1mA, 1mV resolution

  • Simple, reliable and user-friendly

  • Ultra-compact travel friendly design

  • Simple battery swap design

  • Large Banana plug binding posts

MicroNex Go

Compatible model options:

Please contant us for further battery options

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18V Battery
  • Output current and voltage: 0-5A / 0-15V

  • Output current resolution: 1mA

  • Output voltage resolution: 1mV

  • Output current accuracy: ±0.5% + 5 digits

  • Output voltage accuracy: ±0.5% + 3 digits

  • 1.44 inch HD 160° wide angle front panel colour LCD

  • Full control from front panel controls

  • Constant current/constant voltage

  • Current and voltage limiter

  • Custom 3D compatible enclosure for easy battery exchange

  • Easy connection output binding posts

  • Ultralightweight design: 210g (excluding battery)

  • Ultracompact design: 80 x 95 x 110 mm (excluding battery)

Suitable for:

  • Cathodic protection anode testing

  • Fault finding

  • Temporary ICCP anode energisation

  • Hybrid anode energisation

Note: MicroNex Go is not an official product of the battery manufacturers.
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