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Tugun Bypass Tunnel, Coolangatta, NSW

MicroNex recently carried out an upgrade of two existing cathodic prevention control units protecting the Tugun Bypass Tunnel on the NSW/QLD border in Coolangatta. The cathodic prevention system protects the length of the 333 m tunnel underneath Coolangatta Airport (Gold Coast Airport) and extends 32 m alongside the southbound and northbound ramps.

The existing system was upgraded with our new PCU50 (50Amp) power control units and remote-control systems. The upgrade was carried out onsite over 2 days by MicroNex personnel utilising the existing cabinets. The onsite upgrade provided a cost-effective method to modernise the cathodic prevention system with the latest digital and modular technology. The system is monitored 24/7 via the MicroNex Dashboard.

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