CP Transformer Rectifier Units

Custom designed cathodic protection transformer rectifier units (TR/TRU) used for impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems and hybrid anode current delivery.

Compact modular designed din rail components

Highly efficient, low heat components

Latest in switch mode and buck converter technology

Simple to operate, robust systems

Electrolysis testing IO and graphing built in

Cabinet temperature and humidity monitoring

Compliant with AS 2832.5-2008 (R2018) and European Concrete Society TR73 Model Specification 


Permanent Installation

Permanent single zone or multi-zone cathodic protection systems, fully assembled for concrete and steel structures.

Portable Systems

Portable power supply systems, delivering cathodic protection for the delivery of temporary current.

Powered by: 

Solar Power

Battery Power

Grid Power

MicroNex Systems Monitoring Solutions

MicroNex Systems come with a range of monitoring solutions. 
Manual System
Full manual monitoring and control functionality.
+ Voltage and Current Logging
Manual system with the addition of cloud based remote logging of voltage and current. Simple website link for viewing. 
+ Full Remote Control
Manual system with full remote control capability. Simple website link for system viewing, testing and adjustment. 
Full Control System
MicroNex Systems are fully compatible and integrated with: 
CPMS: Cathodic Protection Management System
a State-of-the-Art management tool for the efficient monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems.
Website access to:

Live Monitoring

Reporting - Performance and Functional Checks

Structure Specific Information

Construction and Design Drawings

Maintenance Schedules and Works

Website, Cloud System, Share Information

MicroNex Systems are built with

Untitled 5.png

DC input power controller combining analog and digital technologies in an advanced compact design. 

Untitled 3.png

A simple timer for easy and

quick current interrupting

Fixing Electricity Lines

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