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PCU50 - 50 AMP Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Power Control Unit

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

MicroNex introduces the new power control unit 50 (PCU50), a high output DC power controller for high power impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) applications. Ideal for soil and water anode ICCP systems where large zone outputs are required.

The PCU50 is compact, efficient, and can be controlled manually via its front display, or remotely via the MicroNex remote monitoring and control system.

Main features:

➡️ 0 - 50 Amp DC Output

➡️ 0 - 50 Volts Voltage Output

➡️ High resolution: 10 mA, 10 mV

➡️ Built-in RS485 with Modbus

🌐 Fully integrates with MicroNex remote monitoring and control systems

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